About Us


"Health is Wealth"

Our mission is to cater the best exotic Indian Cuisine and to uphold excellent business repute. Our restaurant blends the freshest and the finest ingredients to cater you the best quality food. We've always believed that businesses must act responsibly and be led by their values, not just by profit.

In rural India, people use seasonal, local, organic food out of necessity, right from the beginning we decided to follow this model to set up a business that can thrive without harming your health and the environment.

Our passion gets fulfilled when our customers praise our service & hospitality.

Some of our sustainability principles:

  1. We only use locally sourced and supply meat as possible.
  2. All of our prawns are "Best Aquaculture Practice" accredited.
  3. We only use, locally sourced milk and cream.
  4. All of our eggs are free-range and locally sourced.
  5. The vast majority of our waste is recycled including cardboard, tins and as much food waste as possible.
  6. We make as many products as possible in-house, including our award-winning range of Indian Sweets.


Many people love Indian restaurants and Indian takeaways food, but, most people think that Indian dishes mean hot highly-spiced cuisine, but you will discover at SarpN Group Restaurant that this is not always the case. Indian cooking varies widely from place to place, from the very strong curries in the south to the more delicate dishes of the northern region of India. We have a very loyal clientele at SarpN Group who come from all Belfast, Lisburn City, Hollyhood, Bangar, New castle and even further afield, because they love the more sophisticated form of Indian cuisine that we specialise in, that of the Northarn indian region and Himalayan nation Nepal. These dishes are prepared using gentler, home made subtler spices, and if you are a newcomer to us, try a Chef Special and Nepali dish for an unique experience of this style of cooking.